Aims Limousines & Party Buses

If you're hanging out in the Aims area with Portland Party Buses and looking for and awesome spot to dine on some delish pizza, check out PAOLA'S PIZZA BARN! This spot delivers a consistently great experience and they've got plenty of room for your larger groups to congregate. You'll enjoy the huge fireplace here which really gives off a warm and inviting vibe. The two loft areas are also very nice. There's really a lot of options in terms of ambiance here, just depending on where you decide to sit. Best pizza in town! The convenient location at 38015 Hwy 26 cannot be beat and it's easy to reach them by phone at 503-668-8058.

THE TOLLGATE INN is another that we'd consider a must-visit in the Aims part of our Portland Party Buses service area. This is a restaurant and saloon, divided into two for the most part, and we'd recommend the saloon side most because there's a wonderful large stone fireplace that exudes so much warmth and character. We love the old fashioned kitschy atmosphere and the fact that there's even a bakery right next door. The breakfasts are wonderful and very highly recommended and we love the chicken pot pie and all of the sandwiches. Easy to find at 38100 Hwy 26 and easy to reach them by phone at 503-668-8456.

If you're craving some delicious hamburgers when you're in the Aims area with Portland Party Buses, we'd definitely point you to CALAMITY JANE'S HAMBURGER PARLOUR. This is such a cute spot with so much charm. The burgers are all freshly made to order and they are so delicious. We love going up to the "burger fixins bar" to get a ton of fresh toppings to pile high on our burgers, and for those who really love to customize their food, that's so ideal. The service is very friendly and kind here and that's something we always notice. Very easy to find this one at 42015 SE Hwy 26 or to call them up at 503-668-7817.

If you've got an all-ages group traveling with Portland Party Buses in Aims, you might want to check out SANDY FAMILY RESTAURANT. This one is known for their wonderful home cooked meals and their family friendly atmosphere. They have really enormous portions of everything here, and you'll be especially glad of that when you are diving into an enormous bowl of their famous macaroni and cheese. So old fashioned and delicious! The staff that works here is so friendly and cool, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time to the good old days Find this one at 39024 Proctor Blvd or give them a call for info at 503-668-9933.

If you're in the mood for some yummy Chinese food when you're out here in Aims with Portland Party Buses, be sure to try DOUBLE DRAGON. They have all of your favorite Chinese American dishes here and it's a super family friendly spot for you to bring your groups for a nice meal. The won ton soup is our favorite way to start off a meal here and we can't get enough of their delicious crab puffs! They have really fantastic egg foo young and they also have a lot of combos that will help you to save money while you fill up with all your friends. Find this one at 39131 Pioneer Blvd and call them at 503-668-7243.

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