Alder Creek Limousines & Party Buses

Planning to head out in the Alder Creek area with Portland Party Buses? Then go ahead and tell your chauffeur to take you to ALLORO WINE BAR & RESTAURANT for a really memorable and special time. It's a nice Italian restaurant and wine bar that specializes in seafood dishes and offers up a really beautiful quiet evening for you and your guests to enjoy. The crab bisque is one of our favorite things to enjoy here and we're also really big fans of their duck empanadas. They've got excellent panna cotta for dessert, and raspberry sorbetto that you will love! Find this one easily at 375 2nd St SE and call them at 541-347-1850.

LLOYD'S OF BANDON is an awesome choice for our Portland Party Buses customers who are coming through the Alder Creek area! This is a cool American restaurant and bar that has a nice beer selection and wonderful service. On the restaurant side, for breakfast, the eggs benedict special is our very favorite thing on the menu that we would recommend to you any day of the week! On the bar side, it is all about that beer selection, shooting pool and playing video games. We love the cozy booths too and those are great for party bus groups and travelers. You can find this one at 219 2nd St SE and call them up at 541-329-0280.

Another one in the Alder Creek area that Portland Party Buses customers can never get enough of is CROWSNEST LOUNGE & WHEELHOUSE RESTAURANT. We love the lounge for hanging out with our friends and watching a football game, not to mention enjoying their wonderful beer and wine selection while we do so! We think you'll feel the same way. They have really great clam chowder here, so if you're having a seafood craving, they can definitely hook you up! The cioppino is very highly recommended as well. Plenty of room for groups and the best nights are Friday and Saturday. Find this one at 125 Chicago Ave SE and call them at 541-347-9331.

EDGEWATERS is another top recommendation from the Portland Party Buses crew for you when you are coming through the Alder Creek area with our chauffeurs. You'll love pulling the limo over and walking into this beautiful space to enjoy some fresh seafood, including yummy salmon with pesto sauce, served with fluffy rice and delish grilled asparagus. We just love that! The steaks also come very highly recommended here, and we would not hesitate to recommend the pasta dishes either! The service and the ambiance are both very impressive. Find this one at 480 1st St SW and call them up at 541-347-8500.

Another of our top choices in the Alder Creek area is THE LOFT RESTAURANT & BAR, a truly charming and noteworthy place that is a tiny bit pricey but oh-so-worth-it. It's right on the docks near a marina, and you'll certainly enjoy that beautiful view. This is not a large place so you'll want to call ahead and make sure that they can accommodate your Portland Party Buses group. If you want our advice, try the butterfish with spinach, as that's a very memorable dish. We also love the ling cod and the seared ahi tuna. This is of a quality that you would not expect from a small town! Find it at 315 1st St SE and call them at 541-0535.

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