Brightwood Limousines & Party Buses

One of the nicest places that you could ever choose to dine in the Brightwood area is THE BRIGHTWOOD TAVERN, an American bar and restaurant that specializes in pizza and fried chicken! We just love it here and we think you will too. Portland Party Buses customers are always telling their chauffeurs to drop them off there, and with good reason. The bar gets very packed in the evenings with happy regulars relaxing the workday away. We suggest you do the same with your group of partiers traveling in a Portland Party Buses vehicle! You'll be able to find this one at 63010 E Brightwood Bridge Rd and call them at 503-622-1568.

One of the most unique places to stop in to in the Brightwood area with Portland Party Buses is DRAGONFLY CAFE & BAKERY. This is a really wonderful bakery, cafe, and restaurant that offers just about everything that you could dream up. First off, there's a beautiful view. They serve some of the most delicious breakfasts that you could ever lay tastebuds on, including biscuits and gravy and chicken fried steak with eggs! For lunch, you'll love the patty melt on rye. All of the fresh bakery offerings are delicious and we love their coffee too. You'll be able to find this wonderful haven at 65000 E Hwy 26 and call them at 503-622-2400.

EL BURRO LOCO is a truly ideal place to stop in for a tasty burrito and other Mexican favorites when you're coming through the Brightwood area with Portland Party Buses. It also happens to be an excellent bar that is very cozy and inviting. We would very highly recommend the perfect storm margarita to you, very strong and delicious made with their homemade habanero tequila! Impressive. The wild boar tacos are highly recommended for your main dish. And for your drink, they've got a great rotating beer selection to keep you coming back for more. Located at 67211 E Hwy 26, info at 503-622-6780.

We would not hesitate to recommend THE RENDEZVOUS GRILL to our incredible Portland Party Buses customers wanting a great place to dine in the Brightwood area. This is a very reliable French restaurant that never fails to deliver an exceptional experience. Some of our favorite items on the menu include the BLTA with pomme frites and homemade ketchup, super flavorful escargot, oysters that are so fresh and delicious, and of course the catch of the day. They have a very impressive dessert tray too with many yummy choices for you to pour over. Find this one at 67149 E Hwy 26 and call them at 503-622-6837.

WRAPTITUDE has such a cute name and they also go above and beyond to deliver an amazing eatery experience in the Brightwood area for our Portland Party Buses customers. Not only is this a fantastic sandwich and burger place, but they also offer up a full service bar to you! Now that's the kind of perk that we can really get behind. Our favorite wraps have got to be the California club wrap and the Santa Fe wrap. So delicious! If you come in on a Monday, that's taco day, and you'll be glad that you did! They're open til 9 every night. Simple! Visit them at 67441 E Hwy 26 and call them at 503-622-0893.

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