Canby Limousines & Party Buses

BACKSTOP BAR & GRILL is without a doubt one of the coolest spots to stop in when you are hanging out in the Canby area with Portland Party Buses. This is a sports bar and restaurant type of place that is great for groups of all ages and even families. They've got a very large menu of favorites to choose from so that there's something for virtually everyone in your group. The beef ribs are perhaps what they're best known for here, or at least it's what we love them for most! There are a ton of TVs scattered around for the sports fans, which we know you'll love. Find this one at 211 N Grant St and call them at 503-263-6606.

WRANGLERS WESTERN BAR & GRILL is a smart stop if you are in the mood for a western vibe and some really great food and drinks. There's a restaurant area and a bar area here, and our Portland Party Buses customers tend to hang out in the bar area most. What a gem for our Canby area travelers. We're big fans of their key lime martini and we love all of their hamburgers. This place was best known as the Spinning Wheel back in the day, and the locals know that it's basically the same place but even better nowadays! Love it. You will want to point your chauffeur to 22842 S Hwy 99 E and call them up at 503-266-9924.

THAI DISH CUISINE has got to be one of the best restaurants in the Canby area, hands down, and it just happens to be a Thai restaurant! Oh, the flavors here are just too amazing. We're huge fans of all of their curry offerings and we also love all of their soups. Everything is just loaded with so much flavor whether it's the spices or the creamy coconut milk that's used in the sauces. The service that you receive here is some of the kindest and most attentive in the world. Plus it's always super clean and very nicely decorated here. Highly recommended! Find this one at 108 N Ivy St and call them at 503-263-9898.

THE WILD HARE SALOON CAFE is another one of our saloon favorites that happens to be a wonderful restaurant too! The food really is fantastic here and served in very large portions that are worthy of sharing. The western vibe here is too awesome to be under appreciated, so make sure that you wear your best western duds if you have any! Lots of people do. Lots of local events are held here and it's a perfect place to hold your personal celebrations too. A real gem in the Canby area and great for Portland Party Buses events. Find this unforgettable establishment at 1190 SW 1st Ave and call them at 503-651-4273.

FULTANOS PIZZA is the spot to go if you're craving pizza in Canby with Portland Party Buses. Our chauffeur will be all too happy to take you there to nosh on some wonderful slices, and you'll have more than enough to keep you busy too, with video games and more! There are long tables that are just perfect for your groups and there's a salad bar that will help you to fill up on yummy freshness without paying an arm and a leg for it. The service here is wonderful and so is the ambiance and atmosphere. Overall just so pleasant and worth visiting! Find it at 715 SE 1st Ave and call them up for info at 503-266-1444.

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