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COLTON CAFE is a cafe serving up American favorites that are sure to fill up your stomach without breaking the bank. The portions are always large, the coffee is brewed fresh through out the day, and the quality of the food is much better than what you would expect from an affordable cafe! You can't go wrong with their delicious espresso's a great way to quell your sweet tooth and your caffeine craving at the same time. The Friday night specials are a huge drawing point for crowds in the Colton area. Come try it out today. At 21038 S Hwy 211, (503) 824-5111.

COLTON COFFEE COMPANYhas great coffee and tea options for you to consider, along with a bakery style atmosphere and fresh made bagels that will knock your socks off. While this isn't a huge spot, you'll find that it has everything you'll need to start your day off on the right note. The breakfast bagel with applewood smoked bacon is a savory way to get your fill of amazing breakfast foods. This is a drive thru spot, and it's American owned and operated, so you can feel good about supporting your local economy whenever you eat here. Find this one at 20777 Woodburn-Estacada Hwy, (503) 824-5282.

BAILEY'S PUB & GRUB offers everything you'll need to enjoy some day drinking and food in the Colton area. The owners Pam and Janet are definitely invested in the success of this spot, and they're kind to everybody who walks through the doors. The service is welcoming, and the bartender is always attentive to all who walk through the doors. The facility has recently been remodeled, and we can't get enough of the modern amenities. The pulled pork sliders are a great option if you want something that's going to fill you up quick! Located at 23788 S Hwy 211, (503) 637-6880.

HITCHIN'POST CAFE his a diner that specializes in delicious breakfast and brunch for those in the Colton area. They aren't known for their service, but the food is definitely something to write home about. The chili burger is an open faced sandwich with some fresh chili, onions, and cheese melted on top. The belgian waffle comes with amazing topping options, as well as some house made whipped cream. With all of these options for you to enjoy, we're sure this will be one of your new dining destinations in the area. Located at 131 E Main, call them up at (503) 829-7941.

THE WHITE HORSE is a traditional sports bar and beer bar with a contemporary interior that's sure to have you fall in love! If that isn't enough for your liking, you're sure to be impressed by the 32 micro beers that are on tap. The peach hard cider is one option that goes splendidly well with their burgers and salads. They even offer non standard meat options such as the elk burger. Be sure to try out the Watermelon crawl drink in the summer, it's a great way to cool off and catch a buzz at the same time. Find this one at 106 E Main Street and call them at (503) 829-2337.

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