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CHEZ DODO is a food truck that serves the greater Portland area, and there's a lot for you to enjoy! This is an African and Asian Fusion establishment that has large portions, so be sure that your eyes aren't too big for your stomach! The chicken curry here is infused with delicious Mauritian spices, and the Mine Frire is the perfect combination of Indian, Chinese, and Island flavors for you to enjoy. Be sure to try out their delicious shymosas, a spin on the samosa appetizer that's sure to leave you feeling full and impressed. You can find this spot at 427 SW Stark St, (503) 270-9258.

FRESH ROLLoffers delicious Vietnamese and gluten free options for food in the southwest Portland area. We love the enjoyable atmosphere of this restaurant, along with the delicious Taro Milk tea that's offered to every table. The pho here is delicious, while the pork belly has a crunch to it that is purely addictive. Their communal dining table is always outfitted with fresh flowers and foliage, making you feel as though you're dining in a five star restaurant. In our eyes, this is a five star spot to get food and drink! Find this one at 600 SW 4th Ave, (503) 224-0282.

ROEhas seafood options that will have you coming back for more! The artfully presented dishes, high quality ingredients, and fantastic flavors combine to make for one of the very best eating experiences in all of Oregon. You can't go wrong with the Diver Scallops with Squid Ink, Hawaiian Butterfish, Langoustine Prawn, as well as the delicious Ora King Salmon. The creative presentations show just how attentive this restaurant is to detail. Be sure to peruse all of their dessert options, you won't want to leave without trying one of their delicious options. Located at 3113 SE Division St, (503) 232-1566.

SALT AND STRAW is a coffee shop that specializes in serving up home made ice cream and frozen yogurt options. The honey lavender ice cream is only one of their amazingly innovative flavors. If you're really adventurous, you'll want to try out the Pear and Blue Cheese option. The carrot cake flavor is another popular choice for those eating out in the area. They offer unlimited free samples here, and the service is always upbeat, so you don't feel like you're bothering anybody. There are always long lines here, so be aware of that. Located at 838 NW 23rd Ave, call them up at (971) 271-8168.

MISSIONARY CHOCOLATES has chocolate that goes above and beyond your wildest dreams. This spot is where you're going to want to head to when the chocolate cravings hit, as their truffles are simply delicious. There are flavors such as dark chocolate, peppermint, spicy cinnamon chipotle, vanilla salted caramel, meyer lemon explosion, and simply espresso. Melissa is the chef here, and she's more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have about their home made selections. This is one for the books! Find this one at 2712 NE Glisan St and call them at (503) 206-8439.

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