It's impossible at this time for Portland Party Buses to share exact pricing on our website. This is because pricing varies by the day because of rapidly changing gas prices and other factors. However, all it takes is a quick phone call and we can give you a precise quote for the date and time that you desire. Though we can't list prices here, we can tell you how our pricing structure works and give you a unique way to save some money if possible!

The best way to save money when booking a bus with Portland Party Buses is to book your party on a weekday from Monday through Thursday. These are of course our least in-demand days of the week and that equals lower prices for you. Sundays and Fridays are the next best choice, and then Saturday is of course the most expensive day of the week.

Though many of our customers are trying to save money in today's changing economy, there are others for whom money is no object. If you are one of them, you'll be happy to know that we can put together a party bus package for you unlike any other. A complete custom package from top to bottom, with champagne, red carpet service, interior and exterior decorations, and much more. Truly, you can actually ave money with one of our custom packages. Believe it or not, it's true! Just give us a call to find out pricing details and much more.

Of course, in any case, we highly recommend that you try to book your party bus trip at least two weeks in advance when possible. We'll do our best to book any trip, even if you're calling at the very last minute, but to have your choice of the best buses, and to make sure that we aren't booked entirely, booking in advance is very highly recommended, and appreciated!

So as you can see, whether you're trying to save a few bucks or whether you're one of the lucky few who can spend wildly, we will be able to design a party bus travel package that will work for you! Just give us a call and be prepared to tell us how many people will be in your party, what destinations you would like to go to and which cities are included in your pickups and dropoffs, and we'll get that package ready for you. Our contact info is at the top of this page.